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B2B Covid-19 Response

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Dear support customer,

As I am sure you understand we are currently at very high demand to assist people working from home, but also with day to day I.T issues.
We have also had to follow the government guidelines in order to protect our staff and their families and have reduced the number of staff based at the office, so we now have a lot of remote workers.
We are now running at 150% demand with only 50% of our usual workforce capabilities. Unlike other businesses who are closing around us, we are going to stay open for as long as we possibly can to support our clients.
However, to ensure we can do this and help our team out you can help minimise the number of calls we are receiving by logging tickets. We are placing everyone in a queuing system to keep it fair no matter the size or scale of the business.

The only exception to this rule is if it is business critical. If it is affecting all staff and/or have complete business disruption, then bypass this and call us directly and then we will give you priority.
To log a ticket email You can even help us further by giving us more details and to fast track support log the ticket directly on our system by visiting and be as thorough as possible so we can pass your ticket over to the right engineer to deal with it more effectively. If you need your password resetting let us know.

Please note we are struggling to get kit in from our suppliers as there are delays, if you require anything or foresee a need please order now. Webcams, Printers, phones, headsets are all additional equipment being ordered due to the homeworking crisis.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom and understanding during this unprecedented time.

Keep well, keep safe,

Kind regards

B2B Technology Group LTD

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